Laura Manuelidis


My brother told me how to watch the watch,
The second hand introducing hidden short episodes.
He stashed his faith on the shoulders
Of a pasture:

My brother showed me how to negotiate
Beside the river wandering to its salted mouth:
To place my small footsteps carefully
While grazing.

My brother led me out of the streets
Raining with light that obliterates sanity
As he shielded me from foreign onslaughts
I deserved:

My brother—and his shadow—around the next corner
Always protects me.

Laura Manuelidis is a physician and neuroscientist at Yale who found how repeated DNA sequences define chromosome folding and structure. She continues to investigate infectious causes of dementia, and to publish scientific articles. She has also published a collection of poetry, entitled Out of Order, contributed to diverse literary magazines including Oxford Poetry, The Nation, and Evergreen Review, and been nominated for Pushcart prizes. These poems are from a new collection, One / divided by Zero, which has just been published. 



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