Catherine Simpson

Maybe We Should Date Each Other

Four nights a week I come over to your house and we order late night cheeseburgers and you put your head in my lap and complain about your ex-girlfriend and then we switch and I put my head in your lap and complain about my ex-boyfriends. Then after we eat our cheeseburgers (or sometimes we eat a quart of Ben & Jerry's each) we put on a movie and watch it and cuddle, and you are short and round and I am tall and slim but we make it work. Then around three in the morning we start writing poetry for the next three hours and pause to read the most beautiful parts of you complaining about your ex-girlfriend or me complaining about my ex-boyfriends. I'm tired all day after but I come back the next night anyway and the night after that and the night after that. And I know you say you like girls who are cute and petite and I know I say I like guys who are tall and elegant but I know that I, for one, think about you naked. A lot.

Catherine Simpson, a cellist who lives in Santa Barbara, has been previously published in the Big River Poetry Review, Right Hand Pointing, Spectrum, Serving House Journal, This Great Society, Four and Twenty Magazine, Step Away Magazine, and Into the Teeth of the Wind.



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