Joseph Saling

The Eye in the Sky


I didn't expect the moon

in that sliver of open sky,

but there it was

like a scooped out slice of melon.


Two weeks before in that very spot

I'd seen an eye staring down at me

as I did eighty just getting home.

An eye. Or was it God?


At the house I looked again,

but only empty night stared back.

Two men sat across the street

and I asked them, had they seen it,


had they seen the fiery monster

that mimicked human parts.

But they only stared then said

You mean the blimp?


Not a demon. Not God.

A blimp above a football stadium.


But tonight the moon

was an end-of-summer cantaloupe.

And it was very sweet and very ripe

and not what I'd expected.

Joseph Saling's first book of poems, A Matter of Mind, is available from Foothills Publishing. His poetry and stories have appeared in such journals as The Raintown Review, The Formalist, Poet Lore, Carcinogenic Poetry, and The Bacon Review. He lives in Metro Atlanta with his wife Sandy and their dog Yeats. To pass the time between poems, he writes stories, paints with acrylics, works on a novel, and makes a living as a freelance health writer and editor. More of his writing is available at



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