Jacqueline Jules



Beneath a marshmallow sky

chewing last night's rain

in its fluffy cheeks,

we walk in Central Park,

wearing only light jackets,

on a soft chocolate path

beside a gated reservoir

with geese dining at its table.


We talk of nothing special

party plans for New Year's Eve,

a return to work on Monday

I tell you stories

you've heard before

of your dead father

when he was young

and newly married like you.

Our words wander with our feet

strolling in cozy sneakers, side by side,

across stone bridges, past joggers,

tipsy gray rocks, and naked trees,

all looping back to my gushing praise

for this luscious warm weather,

odd, at this time of year,

as an albino bear,

raising a white face and pink eyes,

for the camera I pull from my pocket

in hopes of preserving

the luminous absence of cold

on this albino morning

in this season of our lives.

Jacqueline Jules is
an elementary school librarian who writes for children and adults. Her children’s books include No English, Unite or Die, and Sarah Laughs. She won the Arlington Arts Moving Words Contest in 2007, Best Original Poetry from the Catholic Press Association in 2008, and the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award for Poetry in 2009.  Her work has appeared in more than sixty publications including Verse Daily, Christian Science Monitor, America, Sow's Ear Poetry Review, Sunstone, and Potomac Review.



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