Jane Blanchard

In Britain

With sights to see, it’s time to board the bus,
Then take some more acetaminophen.
Who knew this trip would be so arduous?

Your right hip hurts? My left. Why make a fuss?
We both can bear some pain, each with a grin.
Well, sights to see, so time to leave the bus.

Another castle? Let’s be chivalrous.
Yes, patience, yours or mine, is getting thin.
Who knew this trip would be so tedious?

Too many churches? Don’t be blasphemous.
We’ll soon be going to our own again.
Sights still to see. Let’s get back on the bus.

Off to more ruins? Please try not to cuss.
The brochure for the tour was full of spin.
Who knew this trip would be so strenuous?

A pub? A glass or two? Sounds marvelous!
Should we review the places we have been?
Sights have been seen? Forget about the bus?
It’s true this trip has been too hard on us.

Jane Blanchard of Georgia (USA) has recent work in Aethlon, The French Literary Review, The Lyric, and THINK. Her fourth collection with Kelsay Books is In or Out of Season.



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