John Perrault

Dandelion Puffs

Only the angels
shaking out their wings,

mother said, tilting her head,
testing the breeze with a carrot red
hang-up the wash finger.

I remember her telling of Nana
shuffling from room to room
sprinkling holy water
within seconds of a flash,
watering down the first crash of thunder:

Only the angels
moving the furniture around
from one cloud to another—
now bless yourselves children
and back to sleep.

I remember the angels
coming to comfort her
when Nana flew off to heaven—
sheets flapping on the pulley line,
white puffs lifting off the lawn.

John Perrault is the author of Jefferson’s Dream (Hobblebush Books, 2009), Here Comes the Old Man Now (Oyster River Press, 2005), The Ballad of Louis Wagner (Peter Randall, 2003), and 9 CDs of his ballads and songs. He was a co-recipient of the Rosalie Boyle/Norma Farber Award from the New England Poetry Club in 2008 and was nominated for a Pushcart in 2016 by Mobius: The Journal of Social Change. He has had recent work in Orbis (UK), The Comstock Review, Commonweal Magazine, and SpoKe. John served as Portsmouth, NH, poet laureate, 2003-2005.



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