Mary Lee


What would a zoom lens see close up,
weeds, thorns, brambles?

A shower of confetti from cherry blossoms,
a heartbreaking mass of pink petals?

What yearnings strive for the light?
What sunflowers, rambling roses
climb into your dreams?

Which birds serenade? Have you seen
bees pollinate, felt worms ventilating the soil
of your desires in your hallowed sanctuary,
your heart’s walled garden.


A sea-crossing—where
you arrive depends on the winds
and the ocean; on disclosures
that waken. Your navigation

hinges on how you inhabit
the mystery you are, your
alertness to the elements’
imminence, your freedom

to be hurt:
step out of the boat
onto the turbulence, knowing
if anything can hold your weight,

your attention can—
eyes fixed on that original quest.
You don’t know where your
conversations will take you:

what will be evoked in you—
perhaps your loneliness
will lead you to be more
courageous—risk yourself
to experiences’ hazards, find
the home of your belonging,
make promises you can keep, take
the hand you know belongs in yours.

Mary Lee’s poems have appeared in Skylight 47; Crannog; Orbis; The Linnet’s Wings; The Galway Review; Spirituality; The Poet’s Quest for God (anthology, Eyewear Publishing, UK); The Anglican Theological Review; The 2018 Poiema Poetry Series (Anthology); Poems for Patience Competition (highly commended 2017 and 2018); The Furrow; Dodging the Rain; Presence, A Journal of Spiritual Directors; Proust (Collection 2); The wild Word. Her work has been broadcast on RTE Radio 1, A Living Word. Her debut poetry collection, Bloom, was published by REjoice an Imprint of Matthew James Publications, November, 2016.



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