David Stankiewicz

Cribstone Bridge, Bailey Island Maine


The bridge to the island

of my childhood enchantment

is fashioned of stone’s repose.


Without mortar or cable,

concrete or steel,

without any artless distress,


it holds open its course,

its singular way,

each quarried slab in its place:


granite laid on granite

laid on bedrock and ledge,

a rhythm of chambered space.


On his book’s first page

Augustine sighed,

O Lord our hearts are restless


until they rest in You.


As the stones of the bridge rest

like the words of a poem

while the tides flow freely through.





District of day’s emptiness,

of nettles and diesel smoke,

stray billboards

and bored pigeons,

of desultory cats crossing vacant lots

like the lonely old

who no longer believe

the legends of themselves.

David Stankiewicz is the author of My First Beatrice (Moon Pie Press, 2013). Recent work has appeared in Poetry East and The Café Review and was featured in the 25th anniversary issue of The Aurorean. He lives in Maine with his wife and daughter and teaches at Southern Maine Community College.



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