Micah Stack


Not much transfers from our previous lives;
recollection doesn’t survive metempsychosis.  
Élan vital, very well.  But in whose world?  

All I can access now is a faint reverb.

There is a file somewhere, though,
with sounds irretrievable in the present
tense, the tones we miss the first time around.

If I could hack into infinity,
make incisions in space.  I would
learn to trust the axioms of the sea,
the hypertrophied sound of green.

The sky: a pink and blue photo,
blurred by excess motion.  An amateur's
error, a small miracle.  It leaves
a roseate stain on the cat, the chaise
longue, the weeds between the bricks.

When I break the code, I know how
the library will look: a row of gleaming
cabinets made of ether, filed in harmonic
order, anxious to flood me with all the
impromptu concerts I never heard.

Micah Stack received his Master's Degree in American Literature from the University of Southern Mississippi.  His work has appeared in Product, Radiant Turnstile, and Word Riot, and it is forthcoming in Paradigm.  He currently teaches English at The Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives.



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