Judy Kronenfeld

Winter4 P.M.

Shadows lay themselves down
on the bare hills, darkly
soft, breast to breast.

Every tree and bush
in the washmesquite,
creosote, tamarisk
is articulate
in its loneliness.

Cholla blink here,
there, guttering out.

Light slides from the warm
rock's upturned face.

You still see nothing
that is not there,
but now you sense
everything that is.

Judy Kronenfeld's poems have appeared in many journals including The Portland Review, Passages North, Hubbub, Poetry International, Chariton Review, Kansas Quarterly, The Manhattan Poetry Review, The Evansville Review, The Mississippi Valley Review, The Louisville Review, The MacGuffin, Spillway, Pebble Lake Review, Hiram Poetry Review, Snake Nation Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Natural Bridge, The Pedestal, Barnwood, and The Women's Review of Books, as well as in anthologies including Blue Arc West: An Anthology of California Poets (Tebot Bach, 2006), and Red, White and Blues: Poets on the Promise of America (Iowa U. P., 2004). A book of her poems, Shadow of Wings, came out in 1991 (Bellflower Press), a chapbook, Disappeared Down Dark Wells, and Still Falling (The Inevitable Press) in 2000, and another chapbook, Ghost Nurseries (Finishing Line Press) in 2005.

She has published stories, essays and reviews in The Madison Review, The North American Review, Potpourri, The Crescent Review, Under the Sun, The AWP Chronicle, Chelsea, and The Literary Magazine Review, as well as criticism and scholarly reviews in many journals such as Shakespeare Quarterly and ELH. A critical study, KING LEAR and the Naked Truth: Rethinking the Language of Religion and Resistance was published by Duke University Press in 1998. She teaches in the Creative Writing Department at the University of California, Riverside.



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