The Innisfree Poetry Journal

by Andrea Potos

Notes from the Funeral
One year later
Somewhere in the balcony
the choir in their long blue robes,
notes underlining the sadness;

the incessant handshakes and hugs,
sinuous long line of people waiting
to say their last words to my father

who was not in that
overstuffed satin bed;

but already back
in the country club dining room
under the dark wooden rafters

and arched thresholds he loved,
overseeing all the trays and platters
of hot and cold food and more food, more

than anyone could eat:  Larger than Life,
the way Father John described, so pleased
with such abundance, yet

shaking his head at my stepmotherā€™s choice
of buffet style:  my father always preferred
to sit down and be served. 

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