The Innisfree Poetry Journal

by Oliver Rice

My Life in the Hard Sciences

The frogs were singing on Christmas Eve
of electrochemistry
and old memories of the sun,

in Bolivia,
while Earth was still habitable,

I all ruthless nitrogen,
all ineluctable tubules, compulsive apertures,
and conscience for anthropology.

Breeches and petticoat danced on the line
to genetic flurries
and old rumors of the mortal scale,

in Wyoming,
the stars glittering at high noon,

I all oblique instincts,
all leaping syllogisms and dark fables,
validating the universe by my mercy.

White-robed figures drifted from shade to shade,
freely willing
and liable to humanistic voices,

in Morocco,
a storm surging on a lunar shore,

I all eye behind the eyes,
all angry dream work and enigmatic dignities,
preparing my whole life to bid it a true goodbye.

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