The Innisfree Poetry Journal

by Sonja James


for Michael Glaser
Say the tiny argument
wrapped in tissue
& presented to the world
is an argument for peace.
Once unwrapped by
the gentle pacifist of a boy
who leads the crowd
to the public square,
it will grow heavy
in the hand until it is passed
along from one curious
onlooker to the next.
Moving from hand to hand
as in the game of "hot potato,"
it will then be light like a sponge
& just as powerful:
cleansing trigger happy fingers,
drying sweaty palms.   


for my sons
that inhospitable stance,
thrown to the wind.

Rushing now.
Not taking
time to think.

To leap
without looking.
Yes, careless.

it works—
accomplishes the feat

of spiting
maternal exhortations
to be "careful."

Call such blatant disregard
"youth." Then, call it
"the days fly by."

Summon it.
Study it.
Let it break your heart. 

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