The Innisfree Poetry Journal

by Laura Manuelidis


                        (2011, watching the last veterans visit Normandy)

Always a residue of time:   sand

Drifts incorrigibly along the beach

of Atlantic tides we lived.   Attempted to resist

No matter how tough the heel's scaled skin, an accidental

Crystal of sharp time

Lodges beneath our defenses, still enters with its impossible insomnia


of our moments together, you, and I,

Joined by veteran grass

After spring rains, when the hardy mint invades



Crushed in blood's Bourbon.


Irreverent, the pyramids of evergreens survive.

This bush I planted last year studs my hands

            in a semicircular garden of unanticipated thorns.

I bought it knowing nothing of nature's barricades

            or the barricades of memory in the residence of monuments:

Yards of loyalty, these white stones.

It doesn't make any difference

If it is, or was, a cross

Or a lonely star,


            or a now abstract design.

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